ALPAP's history


ALPAP started in Fredericia in 1943 as a subsidiary of an engineering firm.

The market was then completely different, and most customers were locals. On a single day in 1944 produced approx. 40 employees around 10,000 boxes.

ALPAP expanded and also had success in packaging design, which they won several awards.

In 1981 the owner, Arne Christensen, sell ALPAP to include Asger Grønkjær and ALPAP moved to Ferritslev.

In 1982, ownership extended and ALPAP was strengthened with a sales office in Sjælland.

While the company had success with screen printing, foil printing and particularly offset printing on plastic. Cardboard tubes, injection molding, vacuum forming and cotillion was a part of the offering.

In 1987 moved ALPAP to Nyborg and focused on the production of plastics and cardboard boxes.

In 2001 ALPAP became regional finalist as Entrepreneur of the Year.
year, ALPAP also took a big leap with the use of new technology for production of materials from 2-500 microns in Flexoprint from roll to sheet
for up to eight colors, particularly for customers in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. ALPAP was controlled hygiene and ISO 9001-certified.

With World Trade Center disaster ALPAP lost a major export customer in one of the crashed aircraft, and many things changed. ALPAP geared down, including the sale of the subsidiary in England, ALPAP Packaging Ltd.

In 2005-07 ALPAP was part of a large Aarhus printing without the expected synergy effects. Therefore ALPAP is now "alone again". It is still Asger Grønkjær that holds, and the company is based in a well-established collaboration with numerous subcontractors.