Caring for the environment is to enchance your customers' brand loyalty.

Green packaging is here to disappear

From all sides there is a requirement minimization and recycling of packaging and materials that impact the environment is minimized. There is a general requirement that the packaging should be easy to discard again.

ALPAP has produced packaging for both the U.S. and throughout Europe. We follow closely the development as a packaging ALPAP always respects the laws of distribution.
ALPAP successfully developed packaging that is far ahead of the law and thus also helps to give the product and the brand has a very attractive environmental profile.

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Retail challenges

The battle to be on the shelves of major retail chains provide its requirements for packaging design. The requirement is twofold: the package must be a good seller and simultaneously disappear from the picture at the moment it has done its work. The packaging must be able to stand on their own feet and not wrapped in more packaging that just means extra use of time, energy and money.

The law provides

Both local governments and such EU laws on packaging minimization, content of harmful substances, recycling and return rate, etc. While there are numerous organizations working with labels as symbols on the packaging meets any requirements beyond the law.

Consumers demand

The growing number of
consumers who are concerned about the environment, provides an ever greater extent, what comes down from the shelves. The thumbs down for products not sold in a package that meets their expectations for materials and recycling. It's a must that packaging always adapted and exceeds the expectations of the target group.

When you take care of the environment suits you on your brand