A number of the world's biggest brands have said good for Alpap working model.

The ALPAP model
Most ALPAP solutions developed according to a scriptThis ensures that all conditionswill be sworn in, so the result will be an ideal packaging that works both in production,distribution, and selling in the shop.

All power to the imagination
A packaging must speak up on the shelf so that the consumer choosesSo we say withALPAP first: All Power to the imagination. Let the marketers and ad agency to speak, sothe package becomes part of the "brand" and have high NB power.

All power to the production
Good packaging meets the demands of the productive apparatus. It glides smoothly and ensure a healthy economy in the overall manufacturing process.

All power to the purchaser
The buyer has a final say in the process. He is the coordinator of development and needeveryone wants to go into a higher unity. Therefore it is important to have one contact andone vendor that takes care of development of tests and ensures cooperation between the suppliers concerned.

All power to the distribution
The product must arrive in good shape and without any damage to the store. Therefore allparts of the distribution should be consulted: Storage, distribution method, disposal, etc. Itis essential for a good response from both stores and consumers.

Just in time
A product is not a product without packaging. Therefore, the packaging must be in placeat the right time and place as suchnew launches always goes up in a synthesis with theplanned marketing efforts.



When printing, television and web are ready to say "NEW", the product must be in place in the store with a package that says "Take me."