ALPAP dealer Tear tape for easy opening your packages. The last wow effect for your customers when the product is opened .... 1
It may be thin clear or red foil 2.0 mm in width and thickness of 26 microns by 100 km on a roll. Or you can press a 0.3 mm thin gold line so it makes it even easier for your customer to see Tear tape strips and the color compliments your press in general. 2
Or you want your own pressure, for example. logo - or news information or web site - the possibilities are endless. Use Tear TAPE creative in marketing your product. 3
P.P. Payne producing in England are among the largest in this area. They can also provide with security printing, so it can be seen if there has been broached. The range also covers the need for wide webbing for handles, for example corrugated cardboard carton - 125 microns in 17 mm width. 4
We deliver lowerators lifelong warranty and servicing. It's easy to get started and we keep a limited stock also in Denmark, so they can deliver on the most flexible terms.
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