Special packaging

Thebodyshop04Need custom packaging your product in size, ideas and materials are custom made packaging with associated initial costs for die cut confidants.

Alternatively, select the default packages.

Plastic fantastic
The most honest way to sell a product is to show off the product. It can be done completely "clean" or with a combination of print and / or frosted look that gives a strong teaser effect: The product can be seen, and their curiosity is aroused - you must get a closer look. Plastic is also used for food packaging, where ALPAP offers vacuum forming both new development and in a standard range.


Cardboard provides endless opportunities to establish and emphasize brand value to the product positively on the road
and not least to create buying impulses. A nice lithograph of high quality cardboard can with the latest techniques in matt and gloss finish - possibly. in combination - and in one go, ensuring light and inspiration to buy the product. At the same time protects the board effective product. Carton is suitable for freezing and viewed with economic glasses an affordable alternative to plastic.
Glæden over emballagen er ofte et
fundamentalt element ved produktet.
Combined materials
When one material is not enough and strength and transparency must be combined, so the solution is to use more materials. Perhaps supplemented with a vacuum formed insert, so the product fixed.
ALPAP have access to a vast supplier network that can produce all kinds of "combination", the product is displayed and protected in the best possible way.