Boxes delivered on rolls ...


Yes, it sounds incredible, but it's true. ALPAP A /S supplies plastic boxes that are folded, glued and wound up on rollers, so you as a customer, simply pull out and cut off in the length you want. The system is Jetran ® is produced under license from the U.S.



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The material is either PVC or PP, but may be biodegradable plastic - PLA. Contact us by phone: 65301080 or by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.


There may also be provided a simple machine, which roll down and you then just enter length and number of tubes to be used, so rather prefer partial trips and cuts off the machine to the desired number of boxes, which then only needs to be filled and sealed with end caps we also provide.


  • Jetran® is simple packaging
  • Jetran® is powerfull
  • Jetran® is very flexible
  • Jetran® is honest exposure of your product
  • Jetran® is primarily for long workpieces
  • Jetran® is protective
  • Jetran® can be hung
  • Jetran® can be closed i many different ways
  • Jetran® is produced PVC and PP in thicknesses from 200 microns to 500 microns
  • Jetran® is produced by one of Europes most discerning and reputable packaging companies mest kvalitetsbevidste og velrenommerede emballagevirksomheder.
  • Jetran® can be supplied with print on
  • Jetran® can form different types – 3-edged, round or other depend of plugs



Petran ® are Jetran ® just made ​​of PET. A stronger and more environmentally friendly material.

Available end plugs for the tubes in round, square, oval and other shapes based on about 300 injection molds. They can be made in different colors, but is typically white. More opportunities to make a hole for a "spaghetti" hanging or a real hook, if desired. Closure can be either staples, glue, weld, tape, or the unique closure system

Jetlok® :


Jetlok ® end plugs are easier to use and does not require the staple to ensure a durable closing and sealing - a simple locking mechanism which goes through the tube side and into the side of the end plug. A unique closure that does not require that the pipe has a hole punched for that plug to hit - unlike other imitations.

Required simply just a simple tool that can be purchased at local hardware stores or from us. Simple and effective, and esthetics. See close up to the right of principle .......

This provides a very secure closure and need for staples or pins no longer exists.

The design has been extensively tested and can now be seen in the shops as packaging for do-it-yourself products and perfume gift boxes.

Jetlok ® end plugs are a unique design owned by Bell Packaging Limited and registered under the United Kingdom Patent No. 0008688.4.