Plastic packaging

Plastic boxes are basically a "clear" and honest way to package the product.

Why "hide" your product of u again officious tigt packing material if it is made ​​to beshown? Yes perhaps even deserve to be seen?

Perhaps to make a frosted "teaser" effect, or printed with holographic foil stamp orperhaps with bang on with luminescent colors. We have possibilities and it is not trivial for a client in the purchase moment whether the signals are correct and in harmony with the product.

As pioneers in plastic boxes in the 60's, we have the largest Nordic experience andknowledge in one place. We were among the first in the 80s, which phased out the hard PVC to PET, and so is the team in and around APLAP A / S focused on combining the chic and trendy packaging, with environmental impact - over / under packaging andemissions of Co2 , disposal, plasticizer, etc..

The materials can even be based on corn in the newest PLA films.

Press shows that there are many possibilities with screen printing, flexo, UV offset,waterless, foil stamp, cold foil laminating and more. We can advise you and offer what isappropriate in your situation for your product.
Ask us both on specimens of creative forms and technical issues. We have contacts with many suppliers, depending on what the needs are.

Prices usually done from day to day, if not the election is the standard boxes. Pay Attentionto clear plastic containers are more expensive than cardboard, but often they will alsocomplement your product to obtain additional sales.

Let us hear about your needs and get a package talk - we "care" ...

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