Standard packaging

Standard packaging is as the word says standard - we have organized form costs and produced a number which we keep in stock. You can usually within a couple of days have delivered boxes with no upfront costs, and even in small quantities directly to your door - free delivery in Denmark. Simple and easy. The price takes account of course the major purchases for cheaper prices, and you have needs that are significantly above our lowest price column, we calculate like a price or offer a special production - either in existing form you are welcome to be produced or custom design and size for your product.

Parcels of pressure
is always special packaging and standard packaging is free of pressure. Standard packages cover different needs and is currently grouped into:

Graphic packages
- all your printing murderers need to deliver printed matter in a customer friendly and quality-conscious manner.

- folding Vaccum shaped plastic boxes in 80 sizes for parts that must be visible and possibly. Hang up. Really flexible and presentable for example bundled. The range also includes 3 different plastic disc dispensers.
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packaging - to the shop to repackage extraordinarily beautiful in - typically up to Christmas or as a gift for receptions, etc. ...

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