A new packaging product that protects people who work with contaminated laundry.

It can be for companies - eg. printing with UV colors, where the company must offer a laundry service for the printing staff, sports how many other people's clothes handled, private with family illness or the desire and need for high levels of hygiene and at hospitals to ensure hygiene and protection of employees as well as patients.

Aquafilm default - fully soluble laundry bags.

Aquafilm laundry bags are fully hot water soluble and degrade environmentally friendly, when they are washed with the contaminated laundry. Simple, safe and hygienic; the contaminated / dirty laundry is placed in the bag and sealed with cold water soluble tape string. The entire sac complied then in the washing machine unopend and decomposes at a fully environmental responsible manner, while ensuring protection of all who work with contaminated clothing.

Aquafilm Plus - higher moisture resistance.

The Aquafilm Plus range covers a higher resistance to moisture and steam. It is therefore perfect for hospital use with more wet linen must be handled in a safe manner.

ALPAP stock various sizes. Available i a variety of rolls of 25. in a PE resealable dispenser.

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