Graphic boxes

Graphics packages - everything your modern printing house needs to deliver printed matter in a customer friendly and quality-conscious manner.

Lanng's Packaging A / S and ALPAP A / S partnered around sales and marketing of graphic packaging. This applies to products previously sold by the company Grafibox in Ebeltoft, Lanng took over in fall 2007.

Range is expanded and the quality is the same high and the prices have now all been delivered and of course, with adjustment for major purchases provide lower prices - as known from any graphic production.

We have stock of all goods and can usually deliver from day to day or within a few days. If backorders occur, the part of your order will be delivered with a little longer live. time to follow.

Do you have a greater need than lowest price column, we'd like to calculate a special prize where you can get permission to use our molds or we can offer customized in special - few try and price very fast and competitive. Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 65301080.

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